A view on the Oldehove, "the Leaning Tower" of the Netherlands.

Tresoar's webcams are located in the historical centre of Leeuwarden, the capital of the Province of Fryslân / Friesland (140 kilometres north of Amsterdam). They give a view of the Oldehove and the square in front. The Oldehove is a (church) tower, dating from 1532. It was not finished, because during building it began to subside. De tower is off plumb 1.69 metre. That is the reason why sometimes it is referred to as "the Leaning Tower of the North". In the square situated in front of the tower every now and then activities and events take place.

The images you see on this page are from the webcams attached to the Tresoar buildings. Tresoar is a library, an archive and a museum, all in one. It is a special centre for study, exhibitions, meetings and documentation, containing almost twelve centuries of information about the history and culture of the province of Friesland. The 'treasures' in Tresoar vary from unique books and documents to maps, postcards and photographs.

Frisian history and literature are Tresoar's main themes. It also houses a large collection of academic books related to general history, classical and Hebrew languages and literature, law, theology and philosophy.

Tresoar's collection is impressive. Its 650,000 books include those of the former University of Franeker and the Court of Friesland. Its archives contain approximately 12 km of documents, and up-to-date issues of around 1,000 periodicals.

Tresoar is the storehouse of Friesland's documentary treasures: it opens the door to the history of Friesland and the Frisians. Tresoar would like to help you to discover your own history and all the treasures inside that door!

Genealogy / Frisian literature / Collection of Maps / Archives of Notaries / Fries Photo Archive / Poems (Operaesje Fers - Archives of Dial a Poem) / Portraits of Authors / Old license plates of cars, buses and coaches / Library Catalogue / Postcards / Digital Exhibitions

Tresoar is open to everyone.

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